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Is your ex not fulfilling his or her obligation?  Have circumstances changed, making it impossible to fulfill your obligation?

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Proper child support can greatly affect the well being and future of you child.  If your ex is behind on child support payments, do not wait and see what will happen.  You need legal representation who will fight for you to get what you your child deserves.  If your ex will not pay, the court has provided many options to convince him or her to comply, everything from wage garnishments, community supervision, and prison time for contempt of court may be used to ensure your child's well being.


The opposite side of this coin is that you know you have an obligation, and would like to fulfill it, but you simply do not have the means to do so.  Call me immediately.  If your circumstances have changed (be it a lost job, or illness or injury), you must go through the proper channels to notify the court and modify your child support payments.  Every month you wait will push you further in debt.


Child support is not a punishment.  It cannot be held over your head to affect visitation rights, and it was not designed to be unbearable.  It is, however, important to arrange for the proper amount, and to keep that amount reflective of your current situation.  Please call today.  We can help.

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